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Genopets is an evolution game, the evolution of you and your Genopet. Instead of making you grind by tapping on a screen for the repetitive preset A+B=C, you will traverse the Genoverse, crafting items to use in battle, leveling up, and customizing your Genopet’s evolution as your own to be a digital representation of you.

The game is based on NFT technologies, which have been used in games since early 2018. The game itself is planned to be released at the end of 2021 and will be available very soon. What sets Genopets apart from its competitors is that it is the first NFT game which is not just play to earn, but move to earn. This choice has been made because the developers wanted to use this new technology to try and encourage people to improve on their lifestyle, as it is stated in one of official medium articles “Health is Wealth”.

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In NFT games items have real value and real world trading is a part of the ecosystem. When one decides to cash in their items/buy something game related, they should always be careful and double if not triple check your information. This is a community wiki on which everyone can apply changes. We strongly recommend you to do your own research and draw your information from more than one source. The official is a good place for information and so is the sales history of the market places. It is the buyers/sellers responsibility to evaluate the value of an item if you skip your research you might end up suffering a loss.